Our Vision

this is our company slogan

(ذهب الواحة Oasis Gold)
To export, package and manufacture foodstuffs, the most important of which are dates

(Oasis Gold)

For exporting, packing and manufacturing foodstuffs. Dates packing is one of our most important products.

Our company was established in 2017

The Prophet’s Sunnah recommended dates and their trees, and the Holy Qur’an cared for them  as well, that’s why the date tree (the date palm) is mentioned among the trees of Paradise.

So we have to acknowledge the grace of Allah (SWT) upon us that He has blessed us by growing and living in a city called (the Bahariya Oasis) in the middle of the Western Desert in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

This city, Allah blessed it with dates, until the profession of its people has become growing, manufacturing and exporting dates. Therefore, we established our company on the land of oases (the origin of dates) and our hometown

Our company is interested in packing and exporting some types of dates, Some of these types are:

  • Baladi Egyptian Dates (Egyptian Semi-dried dates)
  • Egyptian Dates with Almonds
  • Shahdi Dates (Semi-dried dates)
  • Wadi Dates (Semi-dried dates)
  • Ajwa Dates (Compressed vacum packs of Egyptian Dates)
  • Ferehi Dried Dates (Dry Dates)
  • Gago Dates (Dry Dates)


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